Sabena technics recently invested over 1.5 M€ on a brand new hydraulic test bench TEST FUCHS used for component testing.

As a leading provider of MRO solutions, Sabena technics constantly invests in its industrial tools to provide its customers with the highest levels of quality and performance. Installed on their Bordeaux site, the brand new hydraulic test bench is developed to test accessory components such as servo valve, steering metering or valve module and actuator such as main landing gear retract actuator door actuator or reverse actuator. It tests pressure, flow, temperature, leakage, hysteresis, position etc. As of today, the bench is fully operational and has already performed its first tests on 14th June 2017.

“This investment is part of the modernization and optimization campaign of our facilities. It will allow us to increase our competitiveness, position ourselves on new market segments and ensure the sustainability of our activities. But most of all, it will allow us to better serve our customers,” said Philippe Rochet, Chief Operating Officer of Sabena technics

Its strong know-how acquired along the years allows Sabena technics to provide high quality component testing, maintenance, repair & overhaul as well as pool access and consignment stock solutions.

With five sites in Europe and Asia, Sabena technics certifies over 50,000 components in-house every year and provides its customers with the following technologies: Aircraft structure, Avionics, Cabin and safety equipment, Landing gear, Electro-mechanics, Hydraulics, Oxygen & extinguishers, Pneumatics, Fuel, IDG, APU and Deicing boots.