As of Thursday, October 15th, Sojitz Corporation from Tokyo has taken a minority share in the TDA Holdings, an Amsterdam-based company specializing in aircraft parts distribution. Sojitz Corporation is a general trading company involved in worldwide business activities in a wide range of products and materials on a global scale. Both parties see a lot of opportunities on the horizon due to the new partnership.

The Aerospace & Transportation Project Division of Sojitz Corporation manages aerospace industry businesses as a sales agent for commercial aircraft equipment and services, in addition to handling leasing, part-out, and business jets. Behind the scenes, the two parties have been working intensively together for some years.

CEO Julian Marcus: “This partnership will strengthen our position in the market. It gives us the opportunity to accelerate the expansion of our existing business which is the narrow-body USM components distribution, and it will also allow us to develop business within new regions and branches in aviation. We will be able to increase the items in our pools of A320 and 737NG material, but also create completely new pools for wide-body airframes like the Airbus A330, or even regional Jets.”

Spokesperson for Sojitz Corporation: “With the global strategy to scale up and expand within the part-out business, this will be a milestone to strengthen our position in the aviation industry. We aim to construct a more robust business platform, to invest in industry players such as TDA so that we can respond better to increased competition.”

TDA is also looking to accelerate the unfolding of new services like Exchange Pooling, Repair Management and 3PL (Third Party Logistic). Even a complete out-of-the-box service like TDA Design, from where they will offer start-up airlines or existing airlines a complete design packaged deal for surprising competitive rates, can be launched within the next months due to the partnership with Sojitz Corporation.