SmartLynx Airlines, a Latvian-based charter and ACMI provider on Airbus A320, has welcomed a new Board Member and Deputy CEO, Mrs. Dita Daukste, effective from 4 December 2017. This is another step towards ensuring the fulfilment of the company’s ambitious business plans with a motivated and highly skilled management team.
Mr. Zygimantas Surintas, SmartLynx Airlines CEO: “I am excited to welcome Mrs. Daukste as my Deputy and as a Member of the Board. Dita brings a plethora of operational and management experiences to our company, and I am sure her addition to SmartLynx reaffirms the company’s commitment to the ambitious and determined growth and development which the company is pursuing.”

Mrs. Daukste has a distinguished career of more than 12 years in leading business operations and developing high-growth organisations, including insurance, sales, financial, and telecommunication industries, supported by a strong educational background in International Business Administration and Finance acquired at higher education institutions in the Baltics and Europe. Her multifaceted expertise comprises Strategic Business Planning, New Business Development, Complex Project Management, Customer Satisfaction and Retention, Business Relationship Development, and Strategic Cash Flow Optimisation.

Mrs. Daukste’s main tasks will include managing the company’s business development activities and boosting new sales, playing a key role in the company’s bottom line, as well as improving internal processes in order to align with ambitious business plans and strategic directions of SmartLynx.

SmartLynx is a rapidly growing airline - the leading ACMI provider on Airbus A320 in the European Union, and the second largest passenger air carrier in Latvia with a consolidated turnover of 108.4 million EUR (2016). The number of passengers carried by SmartLynx increases every year: in 2015 it reached 1.6 million and in 2016 1.9 million; it is expected that the total number of passengers in 2017 will reach 2.6 million. The airline aims to extensively develop its operations outside of Europe, particularly in Canada and Mexico, as well as in Asia. To ensure the fleet capacity necessary to safeguard these plans, SmartLynx will enlarge its fleet from 14 aircraft (13 A320 and one A321) up to 16 aircraft in 2018.
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