SmartLynx Airlines, a globally acknowledged ACMI, cargo, and charter provider and a part of the Avia Solutions Group, announces the appointment of Edvinas Demenius as the new Chief Executive Officer, who'll be starting from February 15th. This transition is part of a natural growth cycle, as Edvinas Demenius has been a board member and Chief Commercial Officer of SmartLynx Airlines for more than seven years.

"I believe that SmartLynx Airlines is ready to open a new chapter with an increased focus on efficiency, further development and growth. Having been an integral part of our team throughout the most turbulent times in aviation history, Demenius has proven himself as a capable leader, who has grown within our organization. I have full confidence that he will lead the company to excellence, reaching ambitious milestones and supporting the strategic goals of our group," says Jonas Janukenas, CEO of Avia Solutions Group.

“SmartLynx has experienced massive growth over the past years, and I am proud to be a part of the team that has positioned the airline at the forefront of the ACMI industry globally. Knowing what the team is capable of, I am confident that we will continue raising the bar and striving for progress. Our focus will remain on improving operational performance to drive the company's growth and continue the expansion of counter-seasonal operations,” comments Edvinas Demenius.

Thanks to the growing demand for ACMI passenger services in Europe and the company’s strategic efforts, in 2023, SmartLynx Airlines reported a record year. It conducted 48% more flights carrying 53% more passengers than the year before. The airline increased its fleet from 49 to 67 aircraft and is planning to continue the expansion to reach 100 aircraft by 2026.