SkyWorks Holdings today announced transactions and activities performed during Q1 2018 for its Asset Management, Investment Banking, & Management Consulting Groups.

Asset Management Group Activities:

Asset Management Services, provided through SkyWorks Leasing, included transactions for eight aircraft and additional services as follows:

  • On behalf of a U.S. financial institution, SkyWorks arranged lease extensions for two A320s on lease to United Airlines.
  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks sold a B737-700 on lease to a U.S. major airline, scheduled to expire later this year.
  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks managed the lease return of a B747-400 on lease to a U.S. major airline, arranged the sale of two of the engines and put LoI’s in place for the sale of the airframe and the two remaining engines.
  • On behalf of two U.S. investors, and in two separate transactions, SkyWorks arranged the sale of three B777-200ERs on lease to a U.S. major airline.
  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks arranged a lease extension for one A319 on lease to Bangkok Airways.
  • SkyWorks signed an exclusive engagement with Air Canada to remarket its fleet of E190 aircraft, which will be successively replaced by Bombardier C Series aircraft in 2018-20. Six aircraft are offered for sale or lease in 2H 2018.
  • SkyWorks is also offering two 2006 vintage A330-300 (RR), available for sale or lease in October 2018.

Investment Banking & Management Consulting Group Activities:

Investment Banking and Management Consulting Services, provided through SkyWorks Capital, included the following:

  • SkyWorks arranged a JOLCO financing on behalf of Aeromexico for a 787-9 aircraft. Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Century Corporation jointly underwrote the equity investment. CA-CIB provided the debt financing.
  • SkyWorks was retained as arranger/advisor to Delta Air Lines under a 2018 engagement to arrange sale and leaseback financing for narrowbody aircraft. During the quarter, seven A321-200 closings were completed.
  • SkyWorks provided fleet- and network-related advisory services to Fiji Airways, including long-term market growth analysis and schedule-driven operational cost reduction and aircraft acquisition advisory services.
  • SkyWorks provided fleet-related advisory services to Royal Jordanian Airlines, including lease extension/returns and aircraft acquisition advisory services.
  • SkyWorks provided strategic advisory services to a Middle East investor.
  • SkyWorks provided investment advisory services to a Japanese investor in respect of an aircraft operating lease.
  • SkyWorks was retained by a North American low cost carrier to provide aircraft sourcing and fleet- related advisory services.
  • SkyWorks continued to act on behalf of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings in respect of 20 767-300ERFs that it is acquiring to operate for Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc. As previously announced, in 2017, 12 of these aircraft were funded via a Japanese bank (6 aircraft) and a private placement transaction (6 aircraft).
  • SkyWorks completed its assignment to provide due diligence and debt restructuring advisory services to a Middle East investor.
  • SkyWorks continued to serve as an arranger/advisor to an operating lessor to arrange debt financings for one 777-300ER and one 737-800 aircraft that it is acquiring. The financing for the 777-300ER closed in 1Q 2018 with a consortium of banks.