SkyWest, Inc. (SKYW) ("SkyWest") today announced that it and its wholly-owned subsidiary SkyWest Airlines, Inc. have entered into a five-year Loan and Guarantee Agreement with the U.S. Treasury Department  which provides SkyWest Airlines with a secured term loan facility to borrow up to $573 million under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). On September 29, 2020, upon entry into the Loan Agreement, SkyWest Airlines borrowed $60 million under the facility  and has until March 26, 2021 to determine if it will borrow additional amounts in up to two subsequent borrowings.

The interest rate under the secured term loan facility is LIBOR plus 3.0% with no amortization. In consideration for the loan, SkyWest is obligated to issue warrants to the U.S. Treasury Department to purchase shares of common stock based on, and in connection with, amounts drawn under the secured term loan facility. In connection with the initial $60 million draw under the facility, SkyWest issued warrants to purchase 211,416 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $28.38 per share.

The Loan and Guarantee Agreement also includes certain restrictions, including restrictions on the payment of dividends and the repurchase of SkyWest shares. The Secured Loan is collateralized by aircraft engines and aircraft parts.