SkyUp Airlines has received permission to operate on the territory of the United States of America with FAR129, a foreign air carrier certificate.

"An important goal for the international development of the brand has been achieved. I am proud of the team, their professional approach, and their persistence in achieving results. Also, on behalf of the company, I express my sincere gratitude to the competent state structures of the United States for their trust and the opportunity to work in the United States," commented the general director of SkyUp Airlines, Dmytro Seroukhov.

Four Boeing 737-800 aircraft in the airline's fleet that we submitted in the application have been cleared to fly in US airspace: UR-SQB, UR-SQC, UR-SQF, and UR-SQP.

As part of the certification, we received DOT approval (permit to conduct business as an air carrier on the territory of the USA), TSA approval (approval of compliance with aviation security requirements for air transportation from, or to the territory of the USA), and FAA approval (Part129 Operations Specifications).

We plan to develop ACMI services and charter flights in the new market.