San Francisco | 12 April, 2022 SkySelect, the eProcurement-as-a-Service platform for aircraft material, is leading the digital procurement revolution with its new solution.

SkySelect's new eProcurement-as-a-Service (ePaaS) platform for aircraft material combines people, processes, and technology to enable airlines to digitize and automate material purchasing for leaner and more asset-light operations.

This comes at a time when airlines and MROs are faced with numerous challenges. The MRO supply chain is often offline, slow, opaque, expensive, and inefficient. ePaaS remedies these problems by bringing in greater supply chain visibility, eliminating capacity constraints, automating previously manual and tedious tasks, and reducing excessive costs.

Adopters of SkySelect’s platform are experiencing up to 20% price savings and 90% automated purchasing. Furthermore, SkySelect ePaaS platform will help airlines automate and speed up human-intensive material purchasing tasks. It empowers material buyers to do up to 100x more and unlock savings with the support of artificial intelligence, while buyers can focus on more strategic tasks. All of this culminates into drastically cutting purchasing turnaround times from days to minutes.

“Our ePaaS platform provides tangible results for airlines and MROs by eliminating the exact pain points our customers have been experiencing,” said SkySelect CEO Erkki Brakmann. “It’s our ambition to enable functional excellence in the entire supply chain and create a better air travel ecosystem for everyone involved, from the MROs and airlines down to the passengers.”

Saving even a small fraction can have an exponential impact on business. According to Oliver Wyman, the global MRO demand for 2022 is expected to be $78.6billion. Depending on aircraft age, type and range, maintenance costs typically represent 10 to 20 percent of direct operating cost which airlines strive to keep as low as possible.