SAN FRANCISCO- September 16, 2020– SKY Leasing (“SKY”), a full-service aircraft asset manager, announces it has signed an agreement for the sale and leaseback of (2) A321-200NEO aircraft with Hawaiian Airlines.

“We are excited for the new long-term partnership with SKY Leasing. These transactions will help us bolster our liquidity and strengthen our financial position to manage through the ongoing uncertainty,” said Shannon Okinaka, Chief Financial Officer at Hawaiian Airlines.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to partner with Hawaiian on the sale-leaseback of (2) A321-200NEO aircraft” said Austin Wiley, Chief Executive Officer SKY Leasing. “This transaction is a testament to the strength of our partnership together, which allowed us to move quickly during these challenging times. We look forward to building on this relationship with Hawaiian and continuing our goal of supporting top tier airlines.”