SKY express initiates the first route that connects Thessaloniki, the historic city of Macedonia, with Cyprus! From October 31, the brand-new Airbus A320neo will be executing flights between Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia" and Larnaca International Airport four times a week. The route broadens the options of passengers while creating new opportunities for interaction between the two popular destinations.

Thus, in addition to Thessaloniki’s existing domestic network (Heraklion, Mytilene, Chios, Samos and, of course, the daily flights to Athens), the passenger public of the city will now have at its disposal the direct connection with Larnaca for work, studies, or tourism.

Starting with Cyprus, SKY express is expanding its international flight schedule from Thessaloniki, a continuous investment that is expected to be enhanced with new destinations, hailing a new era of connectivity and development. At the same time, it further upgrades the position of the historic city and the entire Macedonia region as a strategic hub of its network.

SKY express passengers at "Macedonia" Airport can also unwind at the exclusive VIP lounge recently inaugurated by the company. A space of discreet luxury, with upgraded services and a curated menu for all hours.

As Vassilis Krasanakis, Pricing Policy and Network Manager of SKY express typically emphasizes: "After naming one of our new, contemporary aircraft My Thessaloniki and the opening of our lounge in July, we are taking another big plunge from Thessaloniki, this time to start international flights. Our first destination is Cyprus. A symbolic but also substantial move that underscores our vested interest in the development prospects of the city. By connecting two extroverted, prosperous areas with the youngest and greenest fleet in the country, we provide more options to our passengers and create multiply beneficial synergies in Northern Greece and Cyprus".

Travelers to and from Thessaloniki have the option to choose fare types between SKY joy, SKY joy+ and SKY enjoy. At the same time, the passenger public enjoys a special inflight experience with free branded service, but also the new Drinks & Bites service with premium and exclusive products.