From October 26, the new era airline will connect the two destinations directly with the state-of-the-art “green” Airbus A320neo and highly competitive fares.

After a demanding summer that reaffirmed the airline’s dynamic international course, as well as the impressive response from the passenger public, SKY express spreads its wings for the metropolis of style and the opera.

From 26 October, the country's greenest fleet and one of the most environmentally friendly in Europe will be connecting directly five days a week Athens International Airport with Malpensa International Airport.

The decision comes almost a year after Rome joined SKY express 's international network of destinations in response to the passenger public's need for more choices. At the same time, the route creates new opportunities for interaction between the two popular destinations such as for work, studies or tourism, thus contributing to the lengthening of the country's tourist season.

Travelers will be able to choose between SKYjoy, SKY joy+, SKY enjoy, upgrading their flight experience, while in addition to free service, they will have the opportunity to taste premium branded products with SKY Drinks & Bites service.

With the inclusion of Milan in its international network, SKY express makes Italy the first European country to operate two destinations all year round. In the same direction, the frequency of services to/from Rome will now be daily.

As stated by Mr. Vassilis Krasanakis, Network Planning & Pricing Manager, SKY express: “In Italy, a year ago, we created a bridge that boosts tourism and the economy as a whole. A decision vindicated by the dynamic response from the passengers. Staying true to its vision of flying higher every year, SKY express further strengthens its presence in the Italian market, by launching the Athens – Milan direct route and now offering travelers a new, reliable, “green” and cost-effective option”.

SKY express, which in the summer reached 34 domestic and 24 internatioanl destinations, is expanding its network in the near future to two more new destinations, Munich and Sofia, reaching 8 in 2022.

“We welcome SKY express, a new carrier whose investment in our airport further expands Malpensa's network. The new connections to Athens satisfy the traffic demand to European cities, like Milan, attracting the most dynamic and curious tourism that searches for a complete travel experience. SKY express in addition to this connection brings a wider network to the Greek islands improving the quality of connections already this fall. Offering our market, the possibility to discover a Mediterranean with different flavours, scents and colours compared to those we are used to in the summer”, said Mr. Andrea Tucci, Vice President Aviation Business Development, SEA Milan Airports