The 5th aircraft is coming to further strengthen the dynamics of the fastest growing Greek air carrier in terms of fleet and travel experience.

SKY express Green fleet

The six Airbus A320neo of SKY express are the most popular aircraft in their category. They are distinguished for their environmentally friendly features, as they consume less fuel compared to the corresponding Airbus of the previous generation.

Their optimal aerodynamics and the innovative engines chosen by the company, are a combination that ensures even greater reliability, less noise, lower fuel consumption and therefore greater autonomy.

Equipped with CFM Leap 1A engines, the A320neo has 15% lower fuel consumption than other versions of the same aircraft, while having an increased range of about 700 km. At the same time, they have lower emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

The "green" fleet of SKY express is completed by the other 10 ATR aircraft. In particular, they have been characterized as the most ecological fleet of propeller aircraft on the domestic market with up to 18% reduced environmental footprint.

New travel experience

SKY express meets the increased demands of the passenger public starting from the current and particularly critical tourist season for the country. Travelers, in addition to "green" aircraft, have at their disposal affordable and highly competitive fares, personalized digital services and flexible travel options.

Today, SKY express's flight network extends to 43 national and international destinations and is constantly enhanced with new routes.

At the same time, the company implements a comprehensive plan of measures to ensure, passengers, crew’s health and safety with the enhanced care and hygiene program "CarePlane".

Strategic agreement

The arrival of the 5th aircraft seals the strategic agreement with Griffin Global Asset Management, one of the most reliable and innovative companies providing a flexible suite of solutions to airlines globally.

As Mr. Theodoros Krokidas, Chairman of the Board of SKY express emphasizes, “we combine top travel experience, top technology and top environmental protection. We now have at our disposal the 5th state-of-the-art aircraft and with it a strong partner, Griffin Global Asset Management. We are the company with the most modern and "green" fleet in total. The trust of our customers allows us to gain greater shares by the day in our market and win their preference".

The satisfaction for the strategic cooperation with SKY express is expressed in a statement by the President of Griffin Mr. Marc Baer “We are very pleased with our cooperation with SKY express, the fastest-growing Greek airline. The advanced technology Airbus A320N fits perfectly into the philosophy of the company and its people. The strong economics and high standards of sustainability provide a cutting-edge option which seamlessly meets travelers’ demands.”