The next opening on the stock exchange will be Sky Airline. This is an ambitious project for the second most important airline in Chile after Latam Airlines. It is part of a larger plan for the airline to start flying internationally.

However, although the chairman of the firm's board of directors, Luis Felipe Ross, confirmed that they are moving in that direction, he ruled out that it could be done in 2018.

"We are complying with company standards in the stock market without actually being in the stock market, because we are preparing for the day when this is indeed a reality, but it is not yet”, said Ross.

"Today we do not need additional funding, not even to grow, but we know that it is a financing alternative. We believe that at some point we will develop this option, but when, will depend on how our growth occurs”, he said.


The company has already made advanced preparations for operating in another country and, in that respect, Ross would prefer to have a local expert partner. In his opinion, the capital required to operate in another country is not today a critical factor. Therefore, the decision to enter with a partner would be purely strategic.

"We believe that local knowledge is extremely important. If we open on the stock market, it would not be as a necessity, but for strategic reasons”, he said. "A priori I do not see it happening this year because we are quite clear about our priorities”, he said. In addition, he said that, in this respect, the company will focus on consolidating its operation in Chile and preparing its regional growth. Therefore, at the board level, they have been inducting new members and it is very likely that it will continue to grow as the company expands regionally.

"The idea is to have a lot of local knowledge. We are not going to grow, or enter a country, without knowing it deeply. We are preparing ourselves internally, to be ready for the moment when this happens”, he added.

Sky’s plan for this year is to continue upgrading their fleet, because according to Ross this is essential to sustaining the company’s growth. "We have a well-balanced fleet, so it will be a challenge operationally to upgrade it and replace aircraft”, he said. Referring to the new government and the challenges it will face in the airline industry, he said it is important that the airport improves operationally.

"Passengers don’t know that many times luggage delays have nothing to do with the management of the airlines but are caused by the airport. We hope that the change of government will be positive for the passengers”, he concluded.