NEW YORK, July 16, 2018 – The operating results for June 2018 are given in the table below.


In June 2018, SIA Group airlines' passenger load factor (PLF) improved 1.9 percentage points to 84.6%. Passenger carriage (measured in revenue passenger kilometers) increased 8.4% compared to last year, outpacing capacity (measured in available seat kilometers) injection of 5.9%.

Singapore Airlines' PLF improved 2.2 percentage points to 84.9%. Passenger carriage increased 5.8% compared to last year, against a 3.1% increase in capacity. PLF improved for all route regions, in part due to earlier Lebaran this year compared to last year.

SilkAir’s systemwide passenger carriage increased by 9.7%, ahead of capacity growth of 6.8%. Consequently, PLF increased 2.0 percentage points to 75.8%. Growth in demand exceeded capacity injections across East Asia, Australia and West Asia.

Scoot recorded passenger carriage growth of 18.2%, exceeding capacity expansion of 16.7%. Consequently, PLF rose by 1.1 percentage points to 86.9%. PLF on all route regions improved as demand outpaced changes in capacity. Selected routes to India, Southeast Asia and Australia continued to improve. During the month, Scoot launched its inaugural flight to Berlin, its third long-haul destination, as well as commenced new services to Pekanbaru.

Overall cargo load factor (CLF) was 5.9 percentage points lower, with cargo traffic (measured in freight-tonne-kilometres) declining 6.6% against capacity growth of 2.6%. CLF declined across all route regions.