Sine Draco Aviation Development Ltd. ("Sine Draco") today announced that its prototype A321-200 SDF has been inducted for a 6Y heavy maintenance check at Ascent Aviation Services in Tucson, Arizona.  Conversion of the prototype airplane to the all-cargo configuration is planned to occur immediately following the heavy maintenance check.

The Sine Draco A321-200 SDF passenger to freighter conversion offers the optimal economic solution for the next generation narrow body freighter. Its design includes installation of a 142-inch-wide by 86-inch-high main deck cargo door, Class E main deck cargo compartment with fourteen 88 inch by 125 inch container positions. The lower cargo compartments can also accommodate ten containers, with the A321 being the first airplane type in the narrow body freighter class with this capability.

"The Sine Draco A321-200 SDF program is progressing exceptionally well.  We are nearing 100% drawing release, partners are on contract for all major components and preparations for the airplane modification to the all-cargo configuration are in full swing." says Chief Executive Officer of Sine Draco, Alex Deriugin. "Completing the 6Y heavy maintenance check before modification will allow our team to focus on the critical elements of the A321-200 SDF conversion."

The 6Y heavy maintenance visit includes a comprehensive list of maintenance tasks to be accomplished ensuring that the airplane is maintained in accordance with the Airbus A321 Maintenance Planning Document (MPD). Inspections and repairs of aircraft structure, systems and avionics and replacement of the legacy Flight Management Guidance Computer with FMS Thales R1A and FG 2G Standard will be completed.  During maintenance in September 2020, an Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) Out system and overhauled main and nose landing gear were installed.

Sine Draco is a multi-national corporation with headquarters in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China with a subsidiary in Bellevue, Washington, USA.  Sine Draco provides a wide range of management, certification, technical, design and engineering services for the international commercial aviation industry. For more information, please visit