Simple Aviation Services Inc. announces a significant expansion of its support services to leasing companies and airlines.  The company has added In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) software modifications to its ever-growing portfolio of support services. This new service will provide leasing companies and operators with branding solutions across a wide range of IFE systems without the need to engage with OEMs.

John Armstrong, President & founder, explained, “A number of our customers had enquired if IFE software rebranding is something we could offer. The prices OEMs charge for this service can often make the difference between an airframe remaining in passenger service or being converted for freight.  In the current environment, Simple Aviation Services fully understand the need to keep costs to an absolute minimum without cutting back on quality or passenger experience. I am delighted to announce this expansion to our portfolio, which already boasts a number of cost-saving services to the IFE sector.”

Simple Aviation Services Inc. is an independent provider of aftermarket services for the In-Flight Entertainment sector. Simple Aviation Services Inc. are the first comprehensive alternative to OEM support and provide a full suite of services tailored for leasing companies and airlines.  Our goal is to help our customers significantly reduce the cost of maintaining IFE systems while delivering a world-class level of support.

Simple Aviation Services Inc. are based in Florida, U.S.A.,  with offices in all global regions.