AMSTERDAM – November 27, 2017 – SGI Aviation Services B.V. (“SGI Aviation”), an independent advisor to the aviation industry, providing aircraft and engine asset management and all affiliated technical consulting and advisory services, announced today a strategic investment in its business from FinTech Global Incorporated (“FGI”) (8789: Tokyo), a Tokyo-listed boutique investment bank.

FGI’s Board of Directors resolved at a meeting today that consolidated subsidiary FinTech Global Trading Incorporated (“FGT”) will establish SGI Investment LLC (“SGI Investment”) and through this limited liability company will acquire from Seabury Capital LLC (“Seabury Capital”) a 51% voting interest and 44.1% economic interest in SGI-Group B.V. (“SGI-Group”), the holding company for SGI Aviation, to pursue joint opportunities in the aircraft asset management businesses. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the year.

“We’re thrilled to receive a strategic investment from FGI, which together with Seabury Capital will support our ongoing expansion strategy,” said SGI Aviation Chief Executive Officer Paolo Lironi. “This investment further validates our market-leading position in aircraft asset management services; strengthens our technical services offering; provides an excellent opportunity to better connect to Japanese investors; and positions us for future growth of our global customer footprint.”

FGI and the group it leads contribute to the growth and development of companies in all sectors of industry through investment banking and principal investment activities. Seabury Capital operates a number of specialty finance, investment banking, technology and software companies with a core focus anchored in aviation, aerospace & defense, maritime, and financial services/technology.

“We are delighted to see FGI’s strategic investment in SGI Aviation, and together with FGI, we are committed to supporting further expansion of its worldwide operations,” said Seabury Capital Chairman, President & CEO John E. Luth.

Hideyuki Yamanaka, FinTech Global Incorporated Senior Executive Officer and Member of the Board, added: “We are excited at working with Seabury Capital in supporting SGI-Group in its business expansion and improving corporate value. SGI Aviation is the preeminent independent aircraft asset management and technical advisory group with a strong track record and reputation for impeccable and reliable service to the global market of lessors and banks, with over 100 such clients around the world. We foresee the bright future for SGI Aviation and we expect the company to be a cornerstone of our future aviation business.”

“Our global alliance with FGI will also enhance Seabury Capital’s access to Japanese banks, institutional investors and Japanese firms seeking to make investments in aerospace, aviation, hospitality, logistics, foreign exchange, international trade financial instruments, and other asset-backed structured products sourced by Seabury Capital’s global platform,” concluded Luth.