Asset Management and Technical Experts Emiliano Maria Ciani and Juan Pablo Rojas Join as Company Establishes Its U.S. Office in Tampa, Florida

TAMPA, Florida – September 28, 2023 – SGI Aviation, a leading independent asset manager delivering comprehensive asset and lease management services to the aviation industry, announced today the addition of two senior members to its global team, whose focus will be on catering to the needs of clients in the Americas region. The company is also relocating its U.S. office to Tampa, Florida.

Emiliano Maria Ciani was promoted to the role of Vice President, Asset Management, and Juan Pablo Rojas assumed the position of Vice President, Technical Services and Business Development.

“SGI Aviation’s strategy has always been to ensure our platform’s global reach is maintained through a local presence in key markets,” emphasized SGI Aviation Chief Executive Officer, Paolo Lironi. “I am very proud to have both Emiliano and Juan Pablo join the team. I am confident that our clients in the Americas, including investors in the U.S., will greatly benefit from their support.”

Having completed a successful three-year engagement at the company’s Amsterdam office, Emiliano Maria Ciani brings his extensive experience in aircraft and engine asset management to the Americas’ client base, in addition to being specifically focused on connecting with investors in the U.S. Ciani has overseen relationships with the company’s major clients and will continue to fulfill this key role from his new base in Florida. Ciani has more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, which will greatly benefit SGI Aviation’s current and new clients in the Americas.

Juan Pablo Rojas joins SGI Aviation to boost its Technical Services offerings and coverage. Rojas is based in Bogota, Colombia, which offers an ideal geographical location to cover the North, Central, and South American regions. Rojas has more than 20 years of experience in commercial aviation and brings a very knowledgeable and experienced team from the region, who are all able to perform comprehensive Technical Services tasks, including engines.