Dublin | 14 September 2021: SenAer Trading ('SenAer'), the global aircraft trading platform, is pleased to announce its official launch today.

SenAer was founded to create an independent digital trading platform to facilitate sales in aircraft and aircraft parts by airlines, lessors, OEMs and institutional investors with a particular focus on widening the traditional investment base for secondary aviation asset sales.

Nollaig Murphy of SenAer commented: “We are excited to finally go live with our platform following considerable planning including in-depth industry consultation, and detailed, painstaking technology construction to get us here. We truly believe this technology will assist the market by widening the supply-and-demand metric for all participants. With the orderly conversion of global fleets to new tech narrow bodies underway, the need for new buyer markets for existing aviation stock is more important than ever, and our hope is that our technology can assist the industry.  SenAer are committed to providing a digital approach to aircraft sales that strives to discover and significantly increase new buyers, enhance deal execution efficiency, ensure absolute security and privacy, turbo-charge sale automation and reduce deal costs.”

About SenAer

Founded in 2021, SenAer provides buyers and sellers optimised access to the maximum number of potential institutional investors in the aircraft trading and part-out marketplace. With over 25,000 commercial aircraft globally, SenAer provides access to 1,300+ participating institutions and over 13,000+ affiliated contacts via its tactile digital platform which allows sellers to share complex aircraft portfolio and part-out deal and technical information in a secure and confidential environment.