Celebrating its 100th anniversary Schiphol Group has been rewarded the Royal predicate meaning that the airport group now can call itself Royal Schiphol Group.

Schiphol Group

Dutch companies that exist 100 years or more and have had no dubious behaviour or affairs can succesfully apply to receive the royal predicate. One company that received its royal predicate before reaching its 100th anniversary is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which has been the main user of Schiphol.

With the predicate the group has added a little crown to its logo.

The group owns Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport. Additionally, the airport group has a majority stake of 51% in Eindhoven Airport and a minority stake of 19% in Brisbane Airport.

Commisioner of the King said: “Schiphol remains a strong economic pillar that needs to be invested in firmly now and later”.

The biggest airport of the airport group expects to process a total of 63 million passengers, some 5% higher than in anticipated at the start of the year. On the short term the airport expects to be able to grow beyond 65 million passengers per year.

The airport is of great importance for the Dutch economy, but also is one of the most important airports on the European mainland. The airport serves as a hub for at least 9 airlines varying from legacy carriers to low-cost carriers to leisure carriers.

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