Satair Group, a global leader in the material management business and an Airbus services company, is launching an adapted name change at the 2018 Singapore Air Show – Satair– along with a new logo and visual identity.

In 2014, Satair Group, a wholly owned Airbus subsidiary, was formed from the merger of the Airbus Material and Logistics Management division and the former Satair. Since then, Satair Group has extended its product range and services portfolio continuously and many new multi fleet applicable OEM product lines have been added. In addition, Airbus standard parts, Airbus tools as well as Airbus used parts have been geared up to the largest scope ever. The company has equally developed drastically within the game changing technology of 3D printing and has successfully launched revolutionary full-scale outsourcing solutions such as Integrated Material Services.

By end 2018, Satair will do the next step change for making customer interfaces more lean, efficient and easy to deal with by integrating today’s two operating market channels, Satair Distribution and Airbus Material and Supply Chain Services, under one brand: Satair. Customers will benefit from one order desk, one contract services and one e-commerce portal. A clear focus on true customer satisfaction and a strong move to embrace opportunities offered by digitalization is being expressed in Satair’s new visual identity.

As a key part of the Airbus services business, the new Satair visuals reflect the close integration of the business through fully leveraging Airbus customer services capabilities. Satair continues to be an agile stand-alone company offering OEMs and customers everything from parts management to parts premium services as well as supply chain solutions for all types of aircraft. The business is also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the original company, which was created as Scandinavian Air Trading Co A/S just before Christmas 1957.