VAS Aero Services, a global leader in aviation logistics and aftermarket services, and Satair, an Airbus wholly-owned subsidiary, announced that they are expanding their strategic services agreement covering servicing, certification, warehousing and distribution of OEM excess parts inventory, with the addition of market-critical engine product types.

"Over the past year, VAS’s aftermarket knowledge and capabilities in used/surplus parts servicing, sales and operations have played a valuable role in helping Satair build its business in this core market," said Paul Lochab, Chief Commercial Officer at Satair. He continued: "With the expansion of our strategic services agreement, we will now also rely upon VAS’s expertise in aftermarket engine capabilities to support our customers around the world."

The strategic services for used and surplus parts programs benefit Satair’s global customer base, offering a wide range of opportunities for available parts with VAS’ online parts sales platform and the Airbus Spares portal. Additionally, the agreement provides Satair customers with access to VAS-owned certified surplus new and certified serviceable / overhauled used components, and related operational support.

"Our strategic services relationship with Satair is proof that partnerships among aviation companies is a winning formula, and a great benefit to our customers in need of flight-ready, certified used parts and assemblies," said Tommy Hughes, Chief Executive Officer at VAS. "Adding engine products to this ever-growing portfolio of available parts and assemblies further strengthens the offering and our commitment to serving customers wherever they may be."