SAS operates in a highly competitive market. We need to be able to adapt the company to the market conditions and fly when passengers want to fly.

The Norwegian pilot unions have rejected the proposal, which unfortunately has resulted in a conflict.

In the negotiations with the Norwegian pilot unions the Norwegian pilots have been offered conditions in line with the Swedish and Danish pilots, although the opposite message have been communicated from the Norwegian Pilot Association NSF.

The demands from the Norwegian pilots, which imply cost increases of 25%, are unreasonable. We have agreed with all other employee groups within SAS, including the pilots in Denmark and Sweden, with the ambition to create a sustainable SAS for the future. Only the Norwegian pilots remain.

We are very sorry that the pilot unions in Norway have chosen to start this conflict and we are still convinced that we will find a solution before Thursday, when the Norwegian pilot unions have given notice regarding an extended strike, which will affect the passengers and the trust in the company.