SAS and Apollo extend their cooperation for the summer season 2019. The agreement is worth about SEK 1 billion and relates to charter flights within Europe. This means that SAS will fly Apollos customers to and from 20 locations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway to 30 destinations across Europe.

Apollo chooses to extend its cooperation with SAS as the main partner for the majority of charter flights from Scandinavia during the summer of 2019.

"For Apollo, it is natural to continue cooperation with SAS, it is a safe and good partner for Apollo. Our customers appreciate the service and reliability that SAS offers with direct flights to several of our destinations, "said Leif Vase Larsen, Nordic President of DER Touristik Nordic AB.

Thanks to SAS's flexible aircraft fleet, it is possible for Apollo to offer direct flights from airports both in metropolitan areas and regionally in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. SAS becomes Apollos largest external partner outside its own airline Novair.

"We are looking forward to further strengthening our partnership, now over 15 years, with Apollo. SAS continues to invest in new environmentally efficient aircraft, and to upgrade existing cabins to SAS's new design. SAS will now gradually roll out the market's fastest WiFi on our short and mid-range fleet. It gives our passengers the freedom to spend time on board exactly what they want. We are looking forward to welcome Apollo's customers aboard our aircraft, "says Markus Ek, Global Corporate and Agent Sales Manager at SAS.

The agreement between SAS and Apollo includes flights from 20 resorts in Scandinavia to 30 destinations in Europe.