Singapore Airlines has renewed its confidence in Safran Electrical & Power for the support of its Airbus A380 fleet for the next 10 years.

This service contract covers the support of the electrical equipment of Singapore Airlines' A380s, including maintenance, access to pool service (dedicated asset located in Singapore) and a door-to-door transportation service. Beyond this contract, Safran Electrical & Power continues to support Singapore Airlines operations through regional representatives located in Singapore for customer support activities.

Today, Singapore Airlines operates 19 Airbus A380.

"We have been supporting Singapore Airlines since the entry into service of their A380s 10 years ago. This is a new step forward that will strengthen our relationship. This long-term contract will lead us to offer new types of services, in order to continue to improve and innovate our support to Singapore Airlines' operations," says Alain Berger, Safran Electrical & Power's Vice President Sales, Marketing & Services.