Safran Landing Systems and Thales have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of a power supply unit for the electric taxiing system developed by Safran Landing Systems.

Safran’s Electric-Taxiing system enables the airplane to taxi independently, without starting up the main engines or using an airport tractor, thanks to electrical motors installed in the wheels of the main landing gear. This system offers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. In order to reduce the aircraft weight, Safran Landing Systems has chosen an ATRU transformer (auto transformer rectifier unit), designed and developed by Thales, which is capable of providing very high power.

As part of their agreement, the two partners will work together on the integration of this ATRU, to optimize both the design and the interfaces with the electric taxiing system.

“We are delighted to be able to count on the expertise of Thales, which brings both its expertise in the design of power conversion equipment and experience gathered with in-service aircrafts.”, said Walid Hamzeh, head of strategic development at Safran Landing Systems.

“Understanding the operating conditions of this system will allow us to optimize this unit to meet the specific needs of Safran’s electric taxiing system, with a minimal impact on the weight,” added Philippe Carette, Thales Vice President, Electrical Systems.