With its near jet-like speed, turboprop fuel-efficiency and spacious 50 seat cabin the Saab 2000 is more or less tailor-made for Canada. A wide wheel-base, short take-off capability and ample power reserves bringing increased safety, are also qualities appreciated in this vast country.

One step in certifying the Saab 2000 with TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) for use in Canada was performing a cold-soak test, making sure the aircraft would start up and all systems work after a night where temperatures dropped below -35 degrees centigrade ( -31 F). This was done in Yellowknife Canada where the Saab crew had to spend some cold February days waiting for the right temperatures.

According to Jetstream Aviation Capital, specialist turboprop lessor and largest owner of Saab 2000 aircraft, there is a huge interest in the type from Canadian operators.

Stuart Klaskin, CEO of Jetstream Aviation Capital:

"The certification of the Saab 2000 in Canada is a further step in the continued expansion of this great aircraft's global resurgence, in which Jetstream and Saab have been partners for many years. The Saab 2000 is uniquely suited to operations in Canada, given the distances between populations which are mitigated by its' high-speed performance, very efficient operational economics, ability to operate from challenging airfield environments and outstanding cold-weather operational capabilities. We look forward to introducing the aircraft to Canada in the near future and expect to announce the first customer commitment in the upcoming months."

If you live in Canada, expect to see this beautiful turboprop in the skies above you soon.