S7 Airlines, the only Russian operator of the Airbus A320 neo, has accepted delivery delays due to engine problems. "As you know, Airbus has problems with these engines. Delivery of our four aircraft will be delayed. I hope Airbus can rectify the problem”, said S7 co-owner Natalya Fileva to journalists on Friday in Sochi.

An Airbus representative did not mention delivery dates. She only said that the company is "in constant contact" with its customers. "We are doing everything possible to minimize any impact of what has happened on their operations”, said Airbus.

S7 Airlines now has four Airbus A320 neo. Last week, the airline said that there were no problems with the operation of these aircraft. "We have all the information from the manufacturer. There are no restrictions on the operation of these aircraft in our fleet”, said a company representative.

In total, the company plans to buy 16 such aircraft to have an all-Airbus A320 fleet.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal published an article about problems with the Pratt & Whitney engines. Airbus reported that it is investigating the cause of the problem with the manufacturer.

The Airbus A320 neo is a version of the narrow-body Airbus A320 equipped with new engines to be more economical and environmentally friendly than the base model introduced in 2014.