Ryanair today (25 Sep) confirmed that it has agreed a Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) with the 3 main cabin crew unions FIT CISL, ANPAC, and ANPAV, to cover all Ryanair’s Italian based cabin crew from 1 Oct 2018.

This proposed CLA will:

Run for 3 years from Fri 1 Oct 2018 to 31 Dec 2021

Be governed by Italian law and the Italian Courts

Allow Italian cabin crew transition to local contracts over an agreed period with immediate access to Italian benefits such as maternity and paternity leave.

Deliver increased pay under a new pay structure, which will see crews benefit from increased tax free allowances (similar to other Italian airlines)

Introduce an Italian Pension Scheme as part of the overall package

Ryanair’s Chief People Officer, Eddie Wilson said:

“We have signed a CLA with the 3 Italian cabin crew unions, which will cover all of our Italian based cabin crew, will lead to significant pay improvements and other benefits for our Italian based cabin crew, and will start from next month. This follows recent cabin crew agreements in Ireland with FORSA and in the UK with UNITE.

This is a further sign of the significant progress Ryanair is making in reaching agreements with our people and their unions in different EU countries, and disproves false claims made by smaller unions not involved in these negotiations, and who are threatening strikes, which will either not take place or be unsuccessful.

We have again invited our German, Portuguese and Spanish unions to meet with us so that we can negotiate and hopefully agree similar CLAs in these other larger markets.”