• Rolls-Royce launches new data-led digital platform
  • Singapore Airlines confirmed as first major industry participant

Rolls-Royce data innovation catalyst R2 Data Labs has launched Yocova – a new data exchange and collaboration platform for the aviation sector. The platform seeks to empower users by providing an online space for open, secure data sharing and insight while offering an exchange through which users can sell their data-driven assets and software applications.

Yocova allows aviation professionals to connect with each other in order to collaborate, control and commercialise data sources and applications. The platform, which is designed to help users manage complex data environments, was originally conceived as part of our IntelligentEngine vision as a secure space for users to flexibly share data sources.

“We are thrilled to unveil Yocova,” said Caroline Gorski, Group Director, R2 Data Labs. “Since our launch, R2 Data Labs has been committed to unlocking the value of data and encouraging collaborative data innovation. This digitally-enhanced platform fits perfectly within that vision. We are already seeing great value in working with our industry peers to unlock our combined data sources and create unique digital service solutions that could truly enhance the future of aviation.”

The platform has since grown and has already welcomed a large number of individual users, data science specialists and aviation application providers, including Singapore Airlines – the first major airline participant. Singapore Airlines has worked closely with Rolls-Royce to develop the concept of an open data collaboration and innovation platform from product to prototype. Today, the airline uses the platform to enhance its own operations.

“The creation of a modern open digital collaboration and innovation platform is a strategic move that addresses a clear need in the market. We are glad to be able to provide our digital expertise and operational experience as an airline, and work with Rolls-Royce on the development of Yocova. We see a huge opportunity for value creation across the industry through the open platform, and ease of collaboration where the control of data lies with the data owners and not the central platform. This project is in line with our vision of being a leading digital airline,” said George Wang, Senior Vice President Information Technology of Singapore Airlines.

Yocova has been operating successfully as a trial platform for more than six months with an invited set of data specialists, software providers, and individual airline users. Having now secured its first major industrial participant in Singapore Airlines, Yocova will now seek broader content and commercial investment from industry partners.

Yocova - You Connect for Value

Yocova will welcome a broad stakeholder community of aviation and data specialists to Connect in order to:

·         Collaborate

Yocova is an open and neutral platform where the industry can share and exchange information to solve aviation challenges.

·         Control

Yocova facilitates problem solving and the co-creation of software, applications and digital tools allowing data owners to remain in control of how their data is used.

·         Commercialise

The Yocova exchange allows the purchase of data or software tools, as well as the acceleration of new ventures through a partnership programme.

Rolls-Royce has been at the forefront of digital services in aviation for more than 20 years and in 2017 we launched R2 Data Labs as an acceleration hub for data innovation. The launch of Yocova sees R2 Data Labs support us in maximising the value that can be created from data and accelerating the digital transformation of the industries in which we operate.

Yocova is currently in beta phase where members are helping establish the first generation of the platform. Find out more on the programme at: yocova.com. Follow Yocova on social media: @yocova