Rolls-Royce announces AerCap as a launch customer for LessorCare, the pioneering new service tailored specifically to the needs of lessors.

AerCap will adopt LessorCare across its existing and future fleets of Trent-powered aircraft, drawing together a range of services under one simple, flexible and comprehensive framework.

Philip Scruggs, President and Chief Commercial Officer, AerCap, said: “We are delighted to be a launch customer for LessorCare. Having worked closely with Rolls-Royce to develop a service that gives us the choice and flexibility that we need across the life-cycle of our fleet of Trent-powered aircraft, we look forward to working together to further develop LessorCare as a platform for future growth.”

Dominic Horwood, Rolls-Royce, Director, Customers and Services – Civil Aerospace, said: “It is great to launch LessorCare with AerCap in this first wave of customers. We know 2018 will be a significant year for LessorCare as we build on our reputation for service innovation, and roll it out to the rest of the market.”

LessorCare comprises one single, comprehensive agreement for all Trent engine types, giving customers access to all the services that they need throughout the engine lifecycle. It allows lessors to pay for what they want when they need it. The benefits are faster and easier service access, the incorporation of services today and for the future, and maximising possible return on investment.

LessorCare services include:

  • Customer support – Rolls-Royce’s network of technical support, publications, and training to optimise responsiveness and keep aircraft earning revenue.
  • Transitions services – a range of maintenance and availability services, to ensure aircraft move faster and more efficiently between leases. Services include engine maintenance and remarketing support.
  • Asset management – a range of solutions that build on Rolls-Royce’s experience of working in close partnership with airlines worldwide to maximise engine values through their life- cycle. These solutions will include LifeKey which will be our enhanced form of OPERA (Operating Lessor Engine Restoration Agreement) that provides portability and liquidity for maintenance value.

Beyond these initial services, Rolls-Royce will continue to work with AerCap and other customers to develop LessorCare further, working towards even closer integration of aftermarket services and aircraft lease agreements.