Rockton has entered into a letter of intent to acquire up to 40 new electric aircraft from the Swedish electric aircraft manufacturer Heart Aerospace

Stockholm, September 15, 2022 - Swedish electric airplane manufacturer Heart Aerospace today unveiled significant design updates to its first electric aircraft with an expected entry into service in 2028. Rockton has signed a letter of intent with Heart Aerospace to acquire up to 40 aircraft.

The new design, called the ES-30, is a regional electric airplane with a capacity of 30 passengers. It is propelled by electric motors powered by batteries, allowing the airplane to operate at zero emissions and low noise. The airplane will include a reserve-hybrid configuration, consisting of two turbo generators powered by sustainable aviation fuel.

“The Heart ES-30 is what we have been looking for. A sustainable electric aircraft with a reserve-hybrid solution that enables it to have a meaningful range and payload for the commercial airline market, and which can be available in a not-too-distant future”, says Niklas Lund, CEO of Rockton. ”The road to sustainable aviation needs to start in earnest and this new-technology propulsion aircraft will lead. Rockton is convinced that the Heart ES-30 will be in great demand among regional airlines that seeks a path to meaningful emission reductions with competitive operating costs.”

Tackling climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime and Rockton is devoted to accelerating investments in pioneering aviation technology companies and assets delivering outsized sustainability benefits along with competitive economic returns.