Quebec City, April 6, 2021 – Premier Aviation Quebec (PAQ) is pleased to announce that it has finalised its sale to Mr. Sylvain Perron current COO of PAQ and former CFO of the Premier Aviation Group.

Ronnie Di Bartolo, outgoing CEO & President, says: “The reputation of PAQ in the regional market has been established as one of the industry leading Regional MRO shop. Today I am pleased to announce that our COO, Sylvain Perron has acquired the company and is very well positioned for the next chapter of growth. The most important thing for me was to secure my most valuable asset - our employees”.

“As Premier Aviation is looking to grow its current footprint and launch new service offerings, it was important to secure the expertise and also be able to partnered with local governments and airport officials, says Sylvain Perron, New President and CEO of Premier Aviation Quebec. PAQ employees in Quebec City have proven time and time again to be one of the top regional MRO in North America.”