BEAVERTON, Ore. (June 20, 2017) – Precision Aircraft Solutions is pleased to unveil several new aviation products designed, developed, tested, and certified by its team of in-house engineers and Designated Engineering Representatives. The new offerings are an external hydraulic system access, a led cargo light, a lifting sling assembly for the main cargo door, and a flight deck cabinet.

“Although Precision is rooted in aircraft conversions, our capabilities go far beyond that expertise. Precision offers comprehensive, fully integrated modification services for every owner and operator need,” said Precision President Gary Warner. “These four products represent our wide-ranging abilities, as well as our ongoing relationships with airlines.”

Product Details:

  • External hydraulic system access – Precision has developed a service bulletin for external access of the hydraulic system that enables manual override of the door in the event of hydraulic failure.
  • LED Cargo Light – The Day-Ray K200-105-001 light is a 28VAC LED fixture specifically designed as a drop-in replacement for cargo lights on B757s.
  • Lifting Sling Assembly for Main Cargo Door – The lifting sling assembly is used to safely remove the main cargo door from the aircraft. It can also be used to raise the main cargo door in the event of hydraulic failure.
  • Flight Deck Cabinet – Installation of the flight deck cabinet takes the place of the observer seat to provide extra storage for the aircrew.

These products are available now for installation on an array of aircraft types by contacting Precision Aircraft Solutions Headquarters at 503-601-3001.