PLAY continues to expand and has now added four new destinations to its network. These include the Danish cities Aarhus, Aalborg and Billund. As well as the great business city Düsseldorf in Germany. These destinations fit perfectly with PLAY’s transatlantic route to its North American destinations.

The first flight to Düsseldorf will take place on June 8, with a total of three flights per week. Düsseldorf is a historical city in western Germany, offering travelers a unique art scene, diverse culture and chic shopping. The city is representative of modern Germany, but differs in many ways from the other two German destinations of PLAY, Berlin and Hamburg. Düsseldorf Airport is the main international airport for many Germans and at the same time it attracts numerous international travelers due to commerce and trade.

PLAY is definitely expanding its operations to Denmark.

The inaugural flight to Aalborg will be on June 10, with flights twice a week. Aalborg is a charming city in the northern part of Jutland, and the fourth largest city in Denmark. It is a popular tourist destination due to its history, beautiful public parks and lively culture.

PLAY will then fly to Aarhus on June 12, twice a week. Aarhus is on Jutland’s eastern coast and is the second biggest city in Denmark. Another popular tourist destination, Aarhus is known for its beautiful beaches, charming downtown area, and numerous art galleries and museums.

Then on June 15 PLAY will begin its operation to Billund, twice a week. Without a doubt, the main attraction of Billund is Legoland, a theme park with over 50 rides, exhibitions, and entertainment.

“We have long dreamed of reaching the large number of Icelanders living in Denmark, and with these three new destinations we believe this will greatly improve our services. With these additions to the network, PLAY will have six destinations in Scandinavia next summer; two in Sweden and four in Denmark. These three new destinations in Denmark are really exciting – not only am I convinced that Icelanders will use these routes a lot, but also those who want to connect to North America in a cheap and convenient way. At the same time, it has rarely been cheaper for Icelanders to travel to Denmark and enjoy the Danish summer or visit relatives – half of the Icelanders in Denmark live in the western part of the country. These are truly great news for a big group of people,” says Birgir Jónsson, CEO of PLAY.