Enter Air, Poland’s largest charter airline, has added another Boeing 737-800 to its fleet. The aircraft will serve the carrier under an operating lease agreement entered into for a term of 6 years. The carrier’s fleet will be supplemented with one more twin jet before the summer season, thus attaining the size of a total 18 aircraft. Additionally, the company will lease two A320 jets from other carriers.

Enter Air’s latest jet has been assigned the registration number SP-ESD. Previously, it was operated by a Canadian carrier, mostly serving routes between Canada and popular vacation resorts in Florida, California and Mexico. The aircraft has been delivered to Warsaw from Tucson, Arizona, with one stopover in Bangor, Canada.

“We have managed to add another jet in perfect technical condition. We have been using two aircraft since 2017 under the same configuration, as part of an arrangement known as ‘sister ships’, as these two jets were originally operated by the same Canadian airline. The dependability of these airliners and the excellent results of the technical checkup, make us confident that SP-ESD will become one of the pillars of our fleet,” says Mariusz Olechno, Management Board Member and Chief Technology Officer at Enter Air.

During the next few weeks, the newly leased jet will undergo preparations for air operations as a member of Enter Air’s fleet. Among the improvements planned by the carrier is the installation of reliable latest-generation UK-manufactured passenger seats whose ergonomic design will turn even the longest holiday trips, such as those to the Canary Islands, into a comfortable experience.