STARLUX Airlines is a Taiwanese carrier was founded by former Eva Air chairman, Chang Kuo-Wei in 2018. The carrier was established as a full-service airline, tapping the premium business travel market. To expand its network, the company successfully raised a $120+ million loan to fund its Airbus A350 purchases. The carrier is now operating from Taiwan to 13 major cities in Asia Pacific, and plans to expand its route to Los Angeles in April 2023.

OEMServices as a key MRO supplier provides its expertise in nose to tail servicing to airline fleet operators and ensures the immediate availability of adequate solutions to optimize the airlines fleets operations.

With the support of major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), OEMServices Original Integrated Services will provide repair, pool and transport services to STARLUX Airlines for A350 fleet. In addition a home base stock will be provided in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

“We are delighted to have this partnership with OEMServices to support our A350 widebody fleet. With the expertise of our great partner, this cooperation will certainly help fulfil our ambition to become a world-leading airline,” said Glenn Chai, CEO of STARLUX Airlines.

“Being chosen by STARLUX Airlines is a great pride for OEMServices. We are happy to demonstrate the added value of our original approach, based on our services integration skills and our technical expertise in the A350 fleet. By signing this agreement, the company further confirms its leadership position on this aircraft. The entire team is very motivated to ensure the complete satisfaction of STARLUX Airlines.” said Didier Granger, President of OEMServices.