OEMServices, leading provider of integrated OEM component solutions towards airlines and GTLK Europe have found a common approach in order to develop aftermarket solutions related to the SSJ100 platform

This partnership is a result of strong synergy between the companies. OEMServices brings its knowledge of aircraft support (component services, logistic services, airline customer relationship management and technical configuration) while GTLK provides its expertise as investor and lessor as well as its relationship with leasing customers.

“This agreement is a strategic step in our development plan. The SSJ100 is a key aircraft for us and we expect this relationship to provide a world class service towards airlines in all worldwide regions. This partnership shows the important complementarity between our companies” said Didier Granger, President-CEO of OEMServices.

“GLTK, as a major lessor of the SSJ100, devotes great attention to after-sales service issues. Stipulating an agreement with OEMServices is yet another step in developing this area of business. We are pleased that our partner is a world-class player with a sterling reputation“ said Roman Lyadov, Director of GTLK Europe.