10.9% of US international flights and 16.9% of US international flight on a regular basis the number of seats will be affected

The world's leading travel data and insight provider OAG released the latest analysis report on the impact of the new coronavirus global air travel market.

United States banned the entry of visitors Europe will have profound implications for the global aviation market. Between the United States and the Schengen countries have 10.9% of international flights and 16.9% of scheduled international air seats will be affected by the ban. Overall, the next four weeks in each direction 2 million seats about 6,747 flights will be affected.

Delta Air Lines (Delta) and United Airlines (United Airlines) is the most affected of American Airlines. Both accounted for 31% of the affected flights. Lufthansa (Lufthansa) is the most affected European airlines (13%). The most severely affected European countries is 57% of all flights involving the three countries between Germany, France and the Netherlands, the Schengen area and the United States.

John Grant OAG senior aviation analyst, said: "COVID-19 resulted in the destruction of the largest ever air travel market, the current situation variables is very large, travel restrictions, airline capacity and time schedule every day change is expected in the coming days. a large number of American and European airlines will cancel flights. "

Looking to the April 2020 regular flight capacity, as of 12 March 2020, currently from Europe (including the UK) to the United States has 13,169 fixed-term one-way flight. The largest number of countries, including the UK scheduled flights (4, 121 flights), Germany (1,741 flights), France (1,570 flights), the Netherlands (1,212 flights) and Spain (851 flights).

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