Norwegian's change in base structure that was announced Wednesday night, will have little or no impact on customers' travel plans. Norwegian will continue to fly to popular holiday destinations such as Las Palmas, Mallorca, Rome, the United States and Thailand.

To increase profitability, Norwegian will liquidate some of crew bases in Spain, Italy and the United States. These changes mean that four summer routes total over 500 are set: Rome-Gothenburg, Rome-Tenerife, Rome Reykjavik and Rome-Tel Aviv. When it comes to the following routes, change the number of weekly flights.

Palma de Mallorca - Copenhagen, from 14 to 13 weekly flights
Palma de Mallorca - Oslo, from 9 to 8 Weekly
Palma de Mallorca - Düsseldorf, from 9 to 7 Weekly
Palma de Mallorca - Helsinki, from 7 to 6 weekly flights
Rome - Helsinki, from 6 to 4 weekly flights
Tenerife North Madrid, from 9 to 7 Weekly

Customers who are affected by the changes will be offered travel times.