Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (“the Company”) is aware of the last days’ market speculation, subsequent share price movement and inquiries from shareholders.   The convertible bond issued in November 2019 is guaranteed by the Company’s fully owned subsidiary Arctic Aviation Assets DAC (“AAA”). There are two financial covenants in the bond terms; i) that the guarantor maintains a book equity of minimum USD 400 million, and ii) that the guarantor maintains a debt to book capitalization of no more than 85 percent. As of year-end 2019, AAA were well within these limits with an unaudited book equity of USD 596 million and a debt to book capitalization of 81 percent. Following 31 December 2019, there has been no change in AAA that would result in a material change that would impact the covenants.  As of today, the Company maintains the guidance and outlook presented in relation to the Q4 reporting on 13 February 2020. The company is monitoring the market situation on a regular basis.