The passenger volume of Estonia’s national airline Nordica set a new record in July, rising above 65,000.

The passenger volume of Estonia’s national airline Nordica rose to a record high number in July. The domestic airline served a total of 65,215 passengers during that month. Compared to July of last year, this represents growth of 50.2%. By proportion of passengers Nordica retained its market leader position for flights departing from Tallinn, at 27.8%. In the course of July Nordica performed a total of 1,098 flights. 99.1% of all flights were operated, with 77% of those departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled time.

According to the Nordica’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager Toomas Uibo, the unimpressive timely departure figure is due to the fact that during the summer holiday season the number of flights in Europe is up to three times higher compared to ordinary periods. “This can also strain the resources of ground auxiliary services. That is why at many foreign airports our planes are forced to wait much longer than usual for refuelling and hold baggage handling. Sometimes the air space is so full of aircraft that the takeoff permission is delayed as well. All these factors result in deteriorating peak time schedule stats for many airlines.”

Nordica’s most popular destinations in July were Warsaw, Munich and Stockholm. Toomas Uibo noted that the results of this summer so far have been very positive for Nordica. “In addition to contributing to growing passenger flow between vital junction airports, residents of our country are now also flying more to such seaside resort towns as Split and Rijeka in Croatia and Nice in the south of France. We are increasing the number of seats on corresponding flights whenever necessary,” Toomas Uibo added.