The passenger numbers on Estonia’s national airline Nordica set a new record in June, rising above 60,000 for the first time. In total, the airline served 60,937 clients during the month. Compared to the same month last year, this represents growth of 39.5%. By proportion of passengers Nordica easily retained its market leader position for flights departing from Tallinn, at 27%. Its nearest competitor had a market share in June of 17,8%. Nordica made a total of 1027 flights during the month. 99.67% of all flights were operated, with 83.5% of those departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled time.

The airline’s most popular destinations in June were Stockholm, Munich and Brussels. Toomas Uibo, Nordica’s Director of Marketing and Communication, said that the passenger numbers are very reassuring, although the proportion of flights departing on time has been higher in the past. “We’re certainly within budget, and the summer season’s started really well for us,” he said. People in Estonia have started travelling more, and we’re really grateful that Nordica’s their first preference. We’re looking forward to good results in the next few months as well.”