Tonight the Estonian airline company Nordica will launch its first flight to the Macedonian resort city Ohrid. This is a historic moment, since it will be the first time that Estonia and Macedonia have a direct flight connection.

This year, Ohrid was added next to Constanța and Copenhagen as an enticing summer destination thus far little explored by Estonians. It is a remarkable event, since never before has an Estonian airline operated regularly scheduled flights between Estonia and Macedonia. The resort city Ohrid is situated next to a lake bearing the same name, and has in recent years drawn the attention of both Western and Eastern European tourists.

The Marketing and Communications Director Toomas Uibo says this could be an enthralling vacation opportunity for Estonians. "Estonians do not know much about Macedonia, however, this could be the very reason they might find it so enjoyable to explore. Ohrid has a lot to offer, from ancient history to modernist cuisine. The inexpensiveness of the destination can only add to its attractiveness. This makes it especially suitable for family travel," said Uibo.

Nordica will be flying between Tallinn and Ohrid on Fridays starting from 1st of June until 14th of September.