Mirabel, Quebec – In a significant move that highlights its commitment to enhancing air service in the North, Nolinor Aviation is proud to announce the introduction of its first Boeing 737-400 aircraft adorned with the distinctive Nolinor Aviation livery. This milestone marks a pivotal evolution in Nolinor’s fleet; the Boeing 737-400, originally added under the OWG brand for flights to Cuba, is now increasingly serving Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) contracts for the mining industry.

The Boeing 737-400, a testament to Nolinor’s adaptive strategy, has been a versatile addition to the fleet, primarily supporting FIFO operations. The rebranding of Nolinor Aviation’s livery symbolizes a strategic realignment with the company’s core mission to be the premier gateway to the northern regions. This aircraft, the first in the fleet to undergo such a transformation, will soon be joined by a second, further solidifying Nolinor’s presence in the sector.

Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation, stated:

“The introduction of the 737-400 with the Nolinor livery is more than a visual update; it’s a clear signal of our unwavering dedication to serving the North. This aircraft, and the ones that will follow, are equipped to meet the unique demands of our clients in the mining sector, offering them a more tailored and resilient travel experience.”

In addition to the rebranding, the interior of this 737-400 is set for a significant upgrade. Over the coming weeks, the aircraft will be refitted with new, more robust seating designed to meet the specific needs of passengers traveling to mining sites. This enhancement is aligned with Nolinor’s dedication to providing comfortable, reliable, and efficient service to the hardworking individuals and communities in the mining industry.

The rebranding and retrofitting of the 737-400 fleet represent Nolinor Aviation’s strategic response to the evolving needs of its clientele and a reaffirmation of its role as the leading provider of air transport services to Canada’s northern regions.