Nolinor Aviation has announced the reintroduction of a Boeing 737-200 aircraft to its fleet, marking the first expansion in its northern division in three years. This move comes in response to the increasing demand for efficient, robust aircraft capable of operating on gravel runways, especially amid the recent surge in mining activities in Nunavut driven by the global push towards electrification.

The 737-200, known for its adaptability to challenging northern terrains, represents a significant investment for Nolinor Aviation. Over seven months and with an expenditure exceeding $3 million, the aircraft underwent extensive mechanical refurbishments. This particular model holds a unique position in the aviation industry, being the only one with a Boeing certification for gravel runway operations.

"The 737 family is uniquely equipped to operate across Canada, enabling Nolinor to fly passengers and provide essential services to remote, northern regions," said Charles Sullivan, Boeing Canada president. "Backed by Boeing's global Customer Support team, we'll continue to support the 737-200 though the entire life of the fleet."

Marco Prud'Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation, commented, "The consensus among aviation experts is clear - the 737-200 remains the optimal choice for serving the challenging northern regions. During the pandemic, we strategically adjusted our fleet size, but we are now returning to our previous capacity. This reinstatement is a testament to our commitment to the North and our confidence in the 737-200's capabilities. With Boeing's continuous support, we foresee a long and sustainable operational future for this aircraft, spanning several decades."

In addition to this fleet expansion, Nolinor Aviation is actively working on other projects, with plans for future announcements. These developments are part of the airline's broader strategy to adapt to evolving market demands and to continue providing specialized air transport services in northern regions.