A Dutch investor takes over the activities that VLM Airlines had at Brussels Airport.

Those activities include two Airbus A320 aircraft and about 40 employees. In less than a year they have changed ownership for the second time.

A year ago, these employees were the ground staff of Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium (TCAB). They thought they would lose their jobs when Brussels Airlines bought parts of TCAB. Instead, they ended up at SHS Aviation, the holding company for VLM Airlines, together with the two A320 aircraft and flying licences.

SHS Aviation had rescued the business more correctly called VLM Airlines Brussels. Then, VLM Airlines Brussels was taken over by a Dutch investor, about whom no details have been released. He will focus on utilizing the A320s for lease and charter flights, as did VLM. The investor also intends to proceed with VLM’s long-term ambition to start long-haul flights between Europe and Asia using Airbus A330 aircraft.

Nothing has changed for the employees in Zaventem, emphasized a spokesman for the new investor.

It is not clear whether the new owner will continue with the name VLM Airlines Brussels.

The holding company SHS Aviation still owns the Antwerp and Slovenia activities of VLM Airlines after the sale. Specifically, it owns the scheduled flights flown with the Fokker 50 aircraft. Currently, they are flying from Antwerp to London, Zurich, Munich and Maribor. And a new destination Birmingham has been announced.

Meanwhile, the holding company again said goodbye to Karl Rickard, who had been appointed as CEO at the end of November.

SHS Aviation BV is a Dutch holding company, with 60% Dutch and 40% Chinese ownership. According to a spokesperson, there are no links between the holding company and the new owner of the Brussels VLM business.