• Aeris Tech Projects helps manage shop visits, audits, and redeliveries
  • Collaborate across technical, commercial, and contracts teams to reduce project risks

STAMFORD, Connecticut, 18 June 2021—LeaseWorks today announced a new product module for their Aeris line of products that will centralize information about technical projects to streamline communication around milestones, work scopes, and budgets for the technical teams at aviation lessors and airlines. The module, called Tech Projects, provides comprehensive digital task management structured specifically for technical teams.

“We’ve been serving the needs of contracts, marketing, trading, and executive teams within aviation lessors for many years,” said Haseem Vazhayil, CEO of LeaseWorks. “Now we’re excited to extend the power of LeaseWorks to support technical teams at those same lessors and their airline customers to ensure smooth shop visits, deliveries and redeliveries.”

Technical teams can now share technical project status and details with extended teams within their organizations. They can also discover technical problems and trends across asset types and operators, to identify and remediate risks before they happen. Tech Projects users are alerted to asset delivery risks as soon as they arise, helping cut down any potential delays. This helps both lessors and airlines stay coordinated on potential delays, leading to more successful project outcomes.

The product facilitates shop visit management, asset recoveries, physical inspections, and records audits—activities where the technical team plays a central role—while coordinating with other teams to ensure project success. The collaboration is enabled by full integration with Aeris ASSET and MATCH CRM systems to digitally coordinate with contracts and commercial teams in the decision-making process.