●      New backup solution recovers inadvertently deleted data

●      Point-and-click data backups for lease contract, technical and commercial data

STAMFORD, Connecticut, July 24, 2020  --  LeaseWorks today announced the availability of its enhanced backup offering for the MATCH and ASSET components of its Aeris product line.  LeaseWorks is a critical application for many lessors and airlines across the globe, and the product hosts vital information for day-to-day operations and key business processes execution.

If a user deletes or loses this data, it can disrupt an organization, impacting cash flow forecasts, active deal opportunities, lease contracts, or technical information. With the new backup service, administrators can automate backup and restoration of data, and therefore reduce the risk of data loss due to user error. The service will be offered via a resale and customization by LeaseWorks of the leading backup product from Spanning, which has been available on the Salesforce platform for several years.

Key features in the backup service will include the following:

●      Automated, secure daily backups

●      Detailed reporting of backup results, including configuration changes and errors or warnings that might need attention

●      Point-in-time data recovery to any previous version of the data so users can recover specific data sets or all items through granular exports

Pricing for the service is $48 per user per year. As an introductory offer, LeaseWorks will provide customers the services to install, configure, and manage the service at a discounted rate through July 30th.

“Today’s uncertain times highlight the need for business continuity, which has to be tested and reviewed often.“ said Juan Blanco, Senior Product Architect at LeaseWorks. “Our new offering will give customers a seamless product to backup and recover sensitive data. Given the recent announcement from Salesforce of the intention to discontinue a previous paid recovery service, we believe this new offering is a timely and superior one for our clients. Coupling point-and-click data backups with an easy-to-use product will give customers peace of mind during these unprecedented times.“