CMA announces the arrival of additional Dash 8-300 aircraft in its continued effort to support business growth and improve connectivity in Western Canada.

Central Mountain Air (CMA) is pleased to announce the addition of another Dash 8-300 to its fleet. This addition will help grow the business, provide service to clients, and increase connectivity for communities across Western Canada.  This Dash 8-300 will be primarily used to support growth in the airline's charter service and meet the demand of existing and new clients.

Recognized as a leader in its class, the Dash 8-300 is ideal for flights not only to cities but also to remote locations. It has a carrying capacity of up to 50 passengers and a cruising speed of 532km/h.

CMA’s fleet is now comprised of 5 Dash-8 -300, 5 Dash-8 -100, 3 Dornier 328, and 12 Beech 1900D in passenger configuration, 2 Beech 1900D Cargo Configuration, with the ability to expand its fleet types to meet your needs. CMA operates scheduled service to ten communities and is able to provide charter flights throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Western Canada, and the United States. In addition, CMA’s affiliate partners have a fleet comprising of 1 King Air 350i (Medevac Configuration), 2 King Air 350s (1 Corporate and 1 Medevac Configuration), 2 Dash 8 -400s, and 1 CRJ 100/200 further expanding CMA’s capabilities and offerings.

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